Saturday, July 28, 2012

Study Finds Top 50 Free Lance Jobs

No. 1 is still writing iPhone apps, Android not so much

By Daryl Nelson,

The way people work nowadays has totally changed.  Once, it was guaranteed a person would be in an office cubicle from morning to evening if they were employed.  And just as recently as 10 years ago, a person working from a remote location was quite rare.

Now it seems that more and more people are freelancing to make a buck, and a lot of companies are hiring employees on a contractual basis in more specialized areas of work.

In 2012, working from home or freelancing is rather normal, and with the constant growth of technology, more jobs are created as companies have increasing needs.

A survey conducted by the job site showed that companies and brands that utilize technology for expansion are hiring freelancers in the largest numbers.

"The most lucrative [jobs] are those where specialist technical knowledge is required in high demand areas, at the cutting edge of technology and very few freelancers," said's Chief Executive Matt Barrie in an interview with ConsumerAffairs.

"For example, at the cutting edge of mobile phone apps, there's a premium.   Where there is not a premium are areas like data entry etc. i.e. jobs anyone can do," he said.

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