Saturday, August 08, 2009

Free program to save money and electricity

From Kim Komando's Download Of The Day
Edison is a free power management program from a company called Verdiem. It has helped people the world over reduce the waste of energy from IT devices. It is available for Windows XP and Vista.

You can learn more about Edison and download it here. Please also be sure to visit Kim Komando's site. She is a computer expert and has a ton of great, free advice and downloads and she has several different emails you can subscribe to. You can also find out what radio station near you hosts her weekly show.

I am not affiliated with Kim Komando or Verdiem in any way, nor am I being paid to post this.

~Sandy G.

Phony Debt Collectors Calling Consumers Nationwide

Scamsters loaded with personal info

By James Limbach,
The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has put out a national alert about phony debt collectors that are calling consumers nationwide, warning of imminent arrest if they don't pay on a defaulted payday loan immediately.

Claiming to be lawyers, the scammers say they are with the "Financial Accountability Association" or the "Federal Legislation of Unsecured Loans" and are equipped with a disconcerting amount of personal information about their potential victims.

"Because the scammers have so much information about potential victims, BBB is concerned that this may be the result of a data breach," said Randall Hoth, president and CEO of the Wisconsin BBB. "Thousands of people may have had their personal information compromised, and given the scammers' tactics, it appears that those who have previously used payday loan services could be particularly at risk."


~Sandy G.