Tuesday, July 24, 2012

FDA warns consumers not to eat shellfish from Oyster Bay Harbor, Nassau County, NY

By FDA.gov

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers not to eat raw or partially cooked oysters and clams (shellfish) with tags listing Oyster Bay Harbor, in Nassau County, N.Y., as the harvest area, following illnesses reported in several states caused by vibrio parahaemolyticus bacteria.

Shellfish harvested from Oyster Bay Harbor have been linked to confirmed and possible cases of vibrio parahaemolyticus illness.

Ill persons reported consumption of raw or partially cooked shellfish from the affected area.

The New York state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) closed Oyster Bay Harbor, on July 13 to shellfish harvesting.

All shellfish harvesters, shippers, re-shippers, processors, restaurants, and retail food establishments are advised to check the identity tags on all containers of shellfish in their inventories. If the tag indicates the harvest area was Oyster Bay Harbor and a harvest date on or after June 1, 2012, the product should be disposed of and not be sold or served.

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