Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Alaska SeaLife Center Announces Birth of Harbor Seal Pup

By Chris Klint, Channel 2 News

The Alaska SeaLife Center announced the birth of a male harbor seal pup to two of the center’s seals Tuesday, marking the mother’s second successful pregnancy in two years.

The new pup, born June 27 to Atuun and Snapper, was named Kobuk following a poll of center employees, interns and volunteers. The seal has exhibited rapid weight gain common to harbor seal pups, rising from an estimated 22 pounds at birth to 66 pounds, and Kobuk means “big river” in Inuit.

The center’s staff gave Atuun and Kobuk two weeks to bond before getting close enough to determine the pup’s gender.

Read the entire article here.  Watch KTUU Channel 2 News Video here.

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