Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This "Webmaster" Is A Hacker

Scam seeks access to victims' email accounts

By Mark Huffman, ConsumerAffairs.com
If you got an email purporting to be from the individual in technical support who is administering your email account, you'd likely pay attention. If you did what this particular email asks, your email account would probably be promptly hacked.

"We are pleased to announce that we are currently carrying out scheduled maintenance and upgrade with our new F-SecureR HTK4S anti-virus/anti-spam 2009 version from our data base," says an email arriving in email inboxes worldwide. "You are therefore advised to submit your username (e.g.user@name.net) /email address, and password to our technical officer within 7working days to enable us upgrade your mailbox."

The email provides an email link where you can send your user name and password. But hold on--take a closer look at this document.


~Sandy G.

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