Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hiring Tricks That Job Seekers Must Know

By Maria Hanson, for LiveCareer
In this highly competitive job market, employers and recruiters are using unconventional techniques to screen candidates. It's not enough to just be prepared for the interview; job seekers need to be prepared to be judged even when it's not clear they're being judged.
Here are some secret tricks that real recruiters and hiring managers use to weed out candidates:

They inspect your car.

Tina Hamilton, of HireVision Group, knows a corporate president who would find out which car belonged to the candidate he was interviewing. "The receptionist ... would then go outside and look in the candidate's car to see how neat and clean the car was, if there were food wrappers ... how well maintained the car was," says Hamilton. "The owner considered this a definition of the candidate's character."


~Sandy G.


Tina said...

lol i would never get a job these days then cause my car is a right state with the kids!

SANDY G. said...

Hi Tina. Same here! Except in my case, I can't blame it all on my kids, lol.